Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Welcome to Your Personal TIMING Numbers Reference pages....!

This site is still in development....
and will have current translations for Your  current Personal Time Map , calculation instructions, and other data pertaining to your personal Numbers and your current opportunity frequencies.  

  I will be posting monthly PERSONAL Timing over-views so that you can get the hang of how to see, in general terms, these cycles for your Self in your own experiences.   

You can calculate your Personal Year number
, HERE...
Then, click on the 2016- Personal Year number tab, on the right, to read the Translations on the flow of the coming opportunities in your personal calendar year.  

However, if you are wanting a more personalized and specific Translation, then please make an appointment for a private session HERE.  Private sessions provide the opportunity to ask questions, and discuss topics of specific importance to you.  

These general pages are slated to be posted the end of the first week of December, but, ...

In the meantime please visit the image links on the LEFT side bar to get to the general numbers overview and the Global Translations.  


Do YOU See Repeating Numbers?

If you are seeing repeating numbers over and over again, this is your Higher Self attempting to get your attention and give you important- and even urgent- data.  

These messages are highly valuable signals to pay attention to what is happening to your in the Now.  So, as soon as you have noticed the number, stop and ponder - immediately- what you are thinking, saying, and DOing and what is happening around you.   

The specific number has information for you regarding options and opportunities that you may NOT be taking advantage of and would give you a larger perspective regarding that numbers' particular gifts and insight and your immediate opportunities.  

Repeating numbers can be viewed as highly activated in potentiality and opportunity if they are Master Numbers, (which are quantum expansions of the base number available to you if you dare to stretch to meet the frequency level and the expansion they offer).

If you have a question about numbers that you are seeing repeatedly, you can always drop me a note.  

In Love NOW-
as ever,