Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Do YOU See Repeating Numbers?

If you are seeing repeating numbers over and over again, this is your Higher Self attempting to get your attention and give you important- and even urgent- data.  

These messages are highly valuable signals to pay attention to what is happening to your in the Now.  So, as soon as you have noticed the number, stop and ponder - immediately- what you are thinking, saying, and DOing and what is happening around you.   

The specific number has information for you regarding options and opportunities that you may NOT be taking advantage of and would give you a larger perspective regarding that numbers' particular gifts and insight and your immediate opportunities.  

Repeating numbers can be viewed as highly activated in potentiality and opportunity if they are Master Numbers, (which are quantum expansions of the base number available to you if you dare to stretch to meet the frequency level and the expansion they offer).

If you have a question about numbers that you are seeing repeatedly, you can always drop me a note.  

In Love NOW-
as ever,



  1. Hi Carmelle...
    I'm always seeing repeating numbers, especially 5:55 on a clock ...
    What would be the message here?

  2. Hi! So sorry i didn't see a notice of this question here!
    When you keep seeing the same number- in this case (5), you will want to become more familiar with the gifts and opportunities of that particular number. Usually this number is one of your personal core number frequencies attempting to get your attention for focusing on mastery skills that this number brings you. Repeating numbers are just symbolic attempts from your Higher Self to get you to STOP - NOW, - as soon as you notice this number, and observe what you are doing, thinking, and participating in in that moment. (5) is all about EXPANDING... so when you see this number you are probably wanting to be stimulated in some way into a more interesting and better suited situation and adventure in your Time experience. (5) is ALOT of FUN- if you are up for sudden and exciting changes! If not, this stimulation can be overwhelming and ways to find balance are needed so that we don't over indulge in things that help relieve the intensity of this frequency of CHANGE in unhealthy ways. I call (5) in IMBALANCE, the "sex, drugs, and rock n' roll " energy"- and, when (5) is BALANCED it's all about a glorious and surprising adventure with new friends and opportunities. NOW is always your point of true balance and power- may you always experience the Best of your Presence. Thanks for reading- and for your participation in this Journey with Me!

  3. Hi Carmelle,
    I've been seeing master numbers very frequently every day but lately the number 44 is overwhelming popping out everywhere. i also see the number 11 very frequently as well but i feel that 44 is my main concern. My life path number is 33 and the person i believe to be my twin flame is life path number 11. Do you think there is any connection here or do you think the message is something entirely different?