2016 - Personal Year (2)

(Please check back.....general annual Translations pending upload)

* Two (2)  Personal Year = Bringing your calm, knowing, sense of Presence to a group project, or intention.  Not a Time to hide Who you are and what gifts and talents you possess for contribution to the expansion of a collective event, or activity.  Do participate in the interactions, yet, retain your personal Integrity, and buffer from anything that does not feel harmonious to your Inner urgings to accept and allow your I AM Presence without constriction. Patience is key in this cycle.  You may have to wait for something to come together for a while longer.  Often geographical relocations are featured in this wave.  Working WITH others to achieve a harmonious agreement may take some finesse, but will pay off in the end.  so chill, play nicely with others, and focus on working for the goals and objective of the collective involved in your projects.

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