2016- Personal year (3)

(Please check back.....general annual Translations pending upload)

* Three (3) Personal Year = Self expression is in full flow.  Inner chatter that can lead to a flow of outer sharing,.  This cycle brings the propensity to issue forth an ongoing narrative to what you are currently experiencing or have come to recognize as a noticeable part of your personal journey,.  That which has lead to this current cycle of pause, reflection, and verbal expression in the Time adventure is best reflected and expressed with Gratitude for All that has contributed to your current state and Knowing.  Expressing personal experience, feelings, ideas,  by using carefully chosen verbiage is vital.  Speak ONLY your Truth in this cycle for best advantage of this cycle's frequencies and the opportunities in them.  Otherwise, your projection will be sour and uncomfortable to your Self, and those who might want to spend Time with you listening to your Joyful songs and stories.  And Others will be listening to you intently.

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