2016 - Personal Year (4)

(Please check back.....general annual Translations pending upload

* Four (4) Personal Year = Clearing up any confusion, fuzzy "rules" of Being-ness, purpose, and participation, making clear plans and designs on a new foundation of Self awareness and intentional participation.  This cycle brings more detailed focus in things that make more sense to your Visions, and are more pertinent  to your own Time journey's material objectives.  Don't be hard on your Self, or others, but do tend to the minutia of your body and material world by re-working the details of what is foundational to you.  This is cycle to lay a new path of intelligent processes and procedures that are necessary to align with your intentions, but dogmatic "disciplines" must be carefully examined for their deeper truths about that which you BELIEVE to be True and necessary.   Consider logical mechanical  flow vs unrealistic "control" and unrealistic Self containment via fear and Self denial that can results in strained connections with companions and their assistance in your projects.   Release any of the material frustrations that are the result of unworthiness, and highlight the relief in sorting out the things that will serve you well, or that you know, in mechanical terns, don't support the new foundation your are building.

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