2016 - Personal Year (5)

(Please check back.....general annual Translations pending upload)

* Five (5) Personal Year = Self stimulation on a very personal level.    As this cycles brings sensorial stimulation and INNER focus incites a Self awareness on a physical and spiritual level, and brings urges to look for and HAVE MORE of [something] that is often yet Un-named regarding your own view of IDENTITY.   Self stimulating activities would benefit greatly IF they can be constructive- not destructive, so be aware of the urge to Self medicate, or Self abuse in any form  to quell the velocity of opportunities and choices through this whole year.  If you can't decide between multiple offers and opportunities, then wait for a moment when clarity from more data or pure Inspiration might assist you.  In the meantime, don't indulge in Self denial via Self abuse for distraction or avoidance - use your body in this Self focused opportunity cycle to Know Thy SELF better through expansive opportunities that will pop up all along this wave.  It is a Time to try out other perspectives in your Heart first, and then picking and choosing invitations to adventure with play partners.
There will be many many opportunities that just appear out of the blue, and will also stimulate your curiosity about things you might never have even known existed.  This cycle brings unecpected events, and opportunities, new and exciting friends and lovers- but, many of these exciting connections will be short lived, as if you are simply sampling from the buffet of Life that seems to just have appeared before you.  Have fun, and mind your Self regarding excess and distractive tactics for full benefit of this expansive year of adventure and change.  

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