2016- Personal Year (1)

(Please check back..... general annual Translations pending upload)

* One (1) Personal Year = Self expansion through Self Awareness, Personal ideals plans, and objectives contemplated within a cocoon of Self containment and Self reliance.  Take your sweet [Time] planning, making lists of ideas, and any Self projections that are in alliance with the comfort of your chrysalis state of [I AM] Knowing.  This is not the Time to run out and mix it up too much, or force socializing, so don't be coerced to comply with anything that does not serve your path of Self Awakening and Expansion- or preference.  It wouldn't be likely that you do so in this cycle of Self-ish-ness and Self recognition.  This is a time of beginnings.  New things will be started, but not necessarily finished in this cycle, altho there will be monthly cycles within this wave that will assist in clearing the unnecessary off your plate.  Learning to be Self reliant, and Self Respons-able is the High road in this cycle, and if this can be realized through the processes and experiences that will flow through this year, your Inner foundation for what, and whom, will be coming into your reality by the end of the year will be much more stable and more ready to participate with them.  

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